Phoenix Spoken English

Phoenix Fluent English Step 1

Phoenix Spoken English

This comprehensive package of programs helps you become a more competent and confident communicator. We guarantee that you will improve your communication skills and build up more confidence to succeed in your career.

This 4-week course is a comprehensive package of programs to help individuals become more competent and confident communicators. We provide knowledge, practice and skills in unique and easy-to-retain methods. We understand the needs of each individual and customize our offerings to ensure all requirements are fulfilled and exceeded.

Course Highlights

  • Basic Grammar
  • Email Etiquette
  • Effective speaking skills (How to stand out in a group and be heard)
  • Right use of words and body language
  • Standing out in group discussions
  • Improving vocabulary, pronunciation, diction and delivery
  • Handling tough questions and situations (At work and in other situations)
  • Extempore, short and prepared speeches/presentations
  • Acing interviews and one-on-one discussions

What You Will Learn

  • In-depth knowledge of business communication/writing and responding to email/notifications
  • Skills to interact effectively in a professional environment
  • Increased levels of confidence in dealing with varied situations and people
  • Improved ability and confidence in articulation of thoughts - verbal and written.